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Cycling Jerseys and their Meaning

Cycling is a sport that has a very long history as most top cycling races count more than 100 years' of life. "Within this course of years, somehow started the fad of winning each of the jerseys of rounds, which of course the color is not accidental.

Tour de France, which nowadays is the leading cycling race in the world and if you judge by the numbers (audience, spectators and sponsors budget) is the third largest sporting event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup, was the reason to start it all.


The Tour de France was first held in 1903 and the winner had gone by the time differences formed during 6 days. After just two years in 1905 because apparently there were problems, they decided to declare a winner based on the position that it has to end and not the timing differences that existed, paying points. Of course this takes a completely different tactic to fight anyone, because if one cyclist on the hill won even two hours ,and all other days finished in first group but with the same time as the winner of stages, then as the case comes another winner. If defined by the timing differences will win the Tour, but if it was determined by the points would be out podium.

Because there was much grumbling about the real winner of that period the next year they decided to put two categories in race those we now call the general classification and score points.

This led in shirts in 1919, after the First World War, when it had to emphasize the athlete who leads the overall standings of the Tour de France and said they wanted to find a bright color to stand out resulting in yellow. Also heard that it was the cheapest shirt, or that was the color set by the newspaper, L 'Equipe (then L' Auto Velo) organized the event and why it ended up in this color. But anyway, the yellow has become a symbol of Tour de France about it even nowadays Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, etc wear the yellow jersey or identified with the color. In Italy, for their Tour race the champion leader wears the pink shirt and the reason for choosing it is  for marketing purposes, the company that sponsors the race, known newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport (the color of the leaf). Tour of Spain color shirt for  the athlete who leads the Tour are red because they say it is one of the two basic colors of the country.

In Greece up until 1998 used the yellow obviously influenced by the Tour de France, but then decided to change it to blue, as it is one of the colors reminiscent Greece.

In Tour de France and not only there the color singlet is defined by the wish each sponsor to identify with the leader of each race category. So indicative say that green jersey champion set the scoring of points was green because the sponsor was the first time a company gardening goods, while the corresponding red polka dots of sprinting uphill was a chocolate company because such packages had these colors . Now of course these colors are matched with top riders worldwide and especially with these jerseys representing victory or even the triumph of a cyclist on a bike ride.

Cycling is our Past , Present and Future!Spinning ® Program is Cycling and we have to know some details and information how things work in Cycling World .

Yours MI Evangelos Kastamoulas

The Greek Peaceful Warrior




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