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ECA Thrive Conference


ECA Thrive Conference is coming Nov. 7-10! 
Check it out!

I am so excited to be a part of this great conference and have the chance to share the Spinnig®  Program love!  Donna Minotti and I will be hosting the New Instructor Training on Thursday.  Donna and I were roommates at WSSC Conference but have never worked together, so this will be new and different for both of us!  I think our styles of teaching are a little different but our sense of humor is the same! This will be fun!


Josh Taylor will be there Friday for one of his epic rides entitled “Riding From The Storm”.  If you have not had the opportunity to experience one of these “events” do not miss this one!   This ride will be a ride on steroids with the perfect music and visuals to transform you into another place and time!  I’ll be in the back row!


I am also bringing my favorite class called “Get Ripped & Ride”.  We will be using big full body movements on the floor, like plyos and push-ups between ride sets of 12-14 minutes.  I burned 450 calories last week in just 45 minutes!  This is not a ride; this is full body intervals that men and women are getting great results from and really seem to like the diversity and challenge! 
Let me know what you think, and how many calories you burn up!


In 2010 I presented a lecture at WSSC called “Keeping It Real” where I gave a slide show of actual cycling events and race courses.   Then we looked at specific team riding techniques like pace lines and echelons.   This year we take it one step further and actually add a ride to the workshop to completely see and experience what we’ve learned!    Very excited about this addition!  Hope you will enjoy some of my new and favorite pictures from this year’s Spring Classics!


More to come and in the meantime check out ECA’s website and think about joining us!  And check out the digs…..Harbor Beach Resort & Spa……can you say mini vacation in November!  Yes!!






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