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Training With Intervals



Training with Intervals


There are so many ways to create interval rides, and here are some of my favorites!  Establish a recovery time; I use 45 or 60 seconds most often.  Then start
with the work effort twice as long as the recovery.  For example, 90 seconds work followed by 45 seconds recovery. I like to repeat the intervals four or five times.  I think it’s hard to gage how much effort to
exert relative to how much time you have. 
So by repeating the interval a couple times, riders can have an opportunity to experiment with how hard to push the effort, and really improve their performance.  Then take one song to bring the intensity down to 75-80% of max heart rate and encourage them to keep
a steady state.

Repeat the intervals again, this time shortening the work effort by half, so its 45 seconds work followed by 45 seconds recovery.  Do four to six intervals according to the music.  Repeat one song at 78-80% MHR. 

The final interval set should be half of the work effort again, taking the work effort to just 20 seconds followed by 45 second recovery.  Allow enough intervals for everyone to practice and perfect their work efforts!

 This interval ladder can be done in reverse too!   Start with the shortest efforts and end with the longest.  Always explain the goals of the class before you start.  They may choose to make the efforts all aerobic or anaerobic.  Think about what movements would be effective and what options you can give them to
customize their work!

 The basic principle of this type of interval training is
the shorter the work effort, the higher the intensity will be.  For example, the 90 second efforts will be at
75% MHR, then the 45 second efforts at 85% and finish with 92% efforts.  Good luck! Let me know what you think, and how everyone did!  What’s your favorite
interval class?




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