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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 4

Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 4

We are here again in the last race before
Last Incident my trip to the hospital after all the terrible incidents in this race.
I never quit, but at that time I was really exhausted and felt like I couldn’t do a single step. The ambulance even took me with wheelchair.
Many doctors gathered when I arrived and the chief Doctor of the hospital.
They did all tests and nothing, everything fine. Then some questions and they started discussing. The result simple. You over pushed yourself and also maybe you ate something that bothered your stomache.Now its up to you. We will keep you 3 hours to rest and take care of you and then you can sign and continue or stay more. You are really strong and determined person and we cannot stop you from your Dream cause we see you had done an amazing job.
I was so confused and also happy that they recognised my efforts.
My opinion was to relax and decide with clear mind. They good were that I was really
fast and I had plenty of time until the time limit (16 hours).

As time passed, the term began to act and the stomach to calm down. After three hours I had regained most of my powers. At that time also I was accompanied from my grandfather and grandmother from Athens. The truth was that they came to take me back home. And the decision was taken, I will continue .Everyone was dumbfounded with my decision and the doctors told me to sign and take the responsibility.
Slowly I stood up and the ambulance took me back to Nafplio where my Weapon (Bicycle) was waiting for me. As I was with patches, stickers and rest hospital bandages I sat on my bike and hit the road to finish. People at check suffered a shock when they saw me and I got on the bike to continue.
Certainly struggled for the last kilometres but the target was clear as my stubbornness to make it. There you realize that the power of faith and mind can sometimes surpass the physical limits.
When I finished everyone were cheering and all the people clapping with no stop. I even couldn’t believe how I did it. The feeling unique ... I was one step away to live my dream.. But first of all rest and regroup my forces. Think about what went wrong and plan strategy for my race in

Next time you will find me in France chasing my dream…Unique scenes and feelings…
Be prepared for my last adventure in
France soil this time!





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