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Spinning® Instructor - Sales Person?

Spinning® instructor – sales person?

I have been involved in Fitnes industry quite a long time. From aerobics instructor, receptionist , child care program instructor, personal trainer,  Spinning® instructor, group ex manager and finally an owner of company.                   

Last few years I work as ER and I am selling / promoting Spinning®. And one part of my job is also providing help regards Spinning® program at least at the beginning.  For me only a good working club is a good reference, but sometimes it is hard as a lot depends of the team. That means from instructors. And sometimes instructors forget that behind every Spinning® class, club or facility there is business involved and numbers are important. So I do believe that every instructor needs to possess basic sales skills, because if you are not able to sell yourself probably your classes will be empty and you will lose your job. But when I say sells and business they become defended. Selling is nothing bad and if you believe in what you do than you do it automatically.

So what are the basic selling skills?

Who is a sells person ? Someone who wants to help others solve problems? And since I am speaking about skills means everybody can learn them.

Good listening skills will help you be better: s good instructor is able to help member to recognize his true needs. In order to find the needs you need to learn to listen. Studies have shown that good listeners are rare; most of them retain 50 % of what they hear. Now imagine what that means when you get in front of members. In order to become good listener you should learn active listening skills.

            a) Pay close attention (look speaker in eyes, stop mental chatter, do not prepare your respond when other is speaking, notice body language, make sure environment is nondistrcting)

            b) Demonstrate physically that you are listening (use appropriate body language, nod from time to time, use facial expression, use small comments like “yes” aha” uhhmm)

            c) Cheek for understanding (use reflecting and paraphrasing)

            d) Do not interrupt!

           e) Respond appropriately (be honest and open, be respectful)

Interpersonal skills (that so often get forget)

a) Curtsey

b) Respect for others

c) Ability to see things from another prospective

d) Ability to understand various communications


So besides being knowledgeable instructor you have to learn have to sell knowledge to members and solve their problems.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” J.R




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