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There's really no need to compete...I don't need to be queen bee.

Recently in my non-fitness life I was stuck in a challenging situation where at the crux of the issue, jealousy and competition reigned supreme. In my mind it was silly?all of us were here with similar goals, and to allow individual egos to get into the way made no sense. I have no interest in butting heads and quite frankly, I have no desire to be the queen bee of anything. Regardless, this situation taught me a lot about working with others, and the inherent jealousies that might occur when one unwittingly steps on toes. That being said, I recently realized a similar situation was starting to happen in my fitness life. Now, as you all know, my fitness life is my salvation. It is where I am happiest, where I am most in tune with myself, and where I wish I could spend 100% of my time. I don?t want this space invaded by pettiness or competition?this is my safe space. Unfortunately, I have noticed a weirdness in interactions with one person, and it?s starting to put me on edge?this particular person and I teach similar classes but without fail, the last two times I have been in their class they?ve ignored me and never bothered to say hello. I always acknowledge my fellow instructors?they are my allies and we need to also support each others? classes so we can boost attendance. It?s started to make me feel as if because I?m not one of this instructor?s ?groupies?, I don?t warrant acknowledgment. There is oddity in addition to this behavior which I shan?t get into here but my post here is to see if other instructors have encountered such situations?and if you did anything to work through it. My personal route is going to be to avoid and work with this person at arm?s length. I?ve got enough egocentric narcissists in my life, why add another one?but ultimately, is this the best route? Any experiences to share on? -June



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