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One of my graduate students recently asked me about Spinning classes as part of spring training for her squash team. Basically, she wanted to know if our facility would be able to do this as she thought it would be a great way for her teammates to get in some cardiovascular exercise that was a bit ?different? from their normal training regimen. In fact, our facility does do this. We often get inquiries from different sports teams to offer Spinning classes for specific teams, and I myself have taught one before for the women?s rugby team. Teaching it was a lot of fun given I knew these were athletes with a competitive edge to them; I wasn?t going to be teaching a class that might have someone who pedals and never breaks a sweat?I could ?up the ante? so to speak. I am wondering if any of the folks out here have done such classes?ones that are specifically geared to a particular sports team and how you went about designing the class profile. And, I was also curious if people had thoughts on which types of sports might require more profile-focus on intervals, sprints, hills, etc. Thoughts? -June



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