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I can't play that in my class!!!

I use a variety of music from classic rock, movie soundtracks, classical, world, alternative, new age and a variety of other genres in my profiles. I love remixes of popular songs so it isn?t like I?m playing something they heard on the radio on the way to the studio. At almost all of the orientations or continuing education workshops I get a similar comment regarding my music, ?My class would never go for that type of music, but I loved it and it really worked for the profile.? My question to them is why not? I get the full spectrum of answers from the students including some of the following: ?My people like to hear something they recognize.? ?They only want songs they can sing to.? ?If I played those type of songs, they would get up and leave.? ?I have younger students than you so I have to play top 40.? Then my next question is, ?Have you tried?? Most respond with a resounding NO. Then I talk to them about ?sneaking? them into their profiles. For example, if your profiles are made up of predominately top 40 hits; consider slipping a different genre of song somewhere in the middle of your profile. You may be surprised at the reaction from your students. They may actually like it. Some may not like it at all. But you can?t please everyone all of the time. I always tell my students that you know you have nailed the profile when one person tells you they hate your music and a few minutes later someone else tells you that they love it. I encourage you to explore multiple genres of music in your profiles. Don?t radically change your profiles overnight, but gradually move in the direction of diversity by adding one or two songs each week to change up your music style. blog by Ralph Mlady for 2/21/2011



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