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Something New on the Horizon!


There is a small, but strong underground movement going on and it's called Ugi®!  U Got It!  Ugi is a big, squishy medicine ball that comes in different weights that you can squeeze, toss, balance on and throw across the room!  Total fun, creative and killer cardio and strength training all in one!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Sara Shears, creator of the Ugi ball and Personal Trainer to the stars in a small West Texas town over the weekend.  Velocity Fitness in Kingsville hosted a Spinning Instructor Training on Saturday and a Ugi Workshop on Sunday.    We spent the day learning how to create and combine tons of exercises for all fitness levels and completed TWO 30 minute Ugi workouts!  Most of us burned around 500 calories in each 30 minute workout! Wow!   Big bang for your buck!  My core and legs are feeling the workout today!

You gotta check this out!  U Got It!




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