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  • August 2012 - From the Studio to the Road
    The Spinning® program is an excellent means to achieve and maintain general fitness and many people acknowledge Spinning class to be a great alternative to riding a “real” bike. But what some don’t realize is that Spinning training is the real thing...so why not take your members outdoors? Read on to learn how STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman gave her Spinning students and other members of her facility the opportunity to ride as a group outside so they could see and feel for themselves how the Spinning program and outdoor cycling are one in the same.

  • May 2012 - Success With the Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Program
    STAR 3 Spinning Instructor Linda Freeman was amazed by the results of the new Spinning 8-Week Grand Tour Program after she led a group at her facility, First in Fitness in Vermont. "This is a training plan that provides a grand tour of Spinning training at its best and most effective," Linda says. Read on to learn more about this new program and how it changed the lives of Linda's students.

  • January 2012 - The Spinning® Concept
    The indoor cycling journey starts with Spinning®. Everybody knows the Spinning program doesn't just stand out because of its top-of-the-line Spinner® bikes. Being a part of the Spinning program means more than just getting great bikes, and it means more than just getting a certification from the industry leader in indoor cycling. Read on to learn more about The Spinning Concept, and find out what the Spinning program can do to benefit your facility.

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