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Coaches at WSSC

There are a lot of fun and new things happening at this year?s WSSC. One of those new things taking place at this year?s event is the availability of in-room coaches during the ride. They will be available (and responsible) for form and guideline questions throughout the rides. First of all, I have to congratulate MDA on their ability to respond to participant requests. I guess many people feel that this will be a valuable service during the riding portions of the conference. I?m actually a little torn as to how I feel about it. To me, there are two major categories of participants at the conference. Some people come to experience the program on the largest scale possible. They want to see the products, the clothing, other enthusiasts like themselves, and they want to get class ideas as well as new music. Other participants are still highly interested in those things but they see WSSC as an educational conference, a place to find more technical information on a variety of fitness topics and trends. It will be interesting to see how this new service is received and how it evolves over the three day conference. Either way, I let you know how I felt about it when I return.



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