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Get Off Your Rig

Many of our classes sell out in my club. Overflow - a good-bad problem to have. But we have decided collectively as an Instructor Team to give up our bike 100% of the time to allow somebody to ride. After all, you are coaching, not training or riding! If you want to train and coach, well, then you probably are out of race shape to begin with. Get off your bike. It's okay. You'll survive. It does take time, just like becoming a strong athlete or elite coach. Teaching off the bike is often discussed, but not the way I am going to write about. Tammy (one of my top shelf instructors has become so magnetic that she rarely gets to ride anymore. Sometimes she teaches in casual wear, just like a coach. People still walk out of her class talking about how hard it was or what they learned. That puts a smile on my face. But what do you do when you are off the bike? Ah, let me help you with a few pieces of ammunition. 1. Grab a stopwatch. Walk around the room and use the stopwatch to do intervals. Time on, time off. Recovery periods. Countdowns. Pyramids. Ascending/Descending intervals. 2. Draw on a whtie board. Put a profile of that song and what you expect. Put a piece of education on the board (draw pedal stroke, Energy Zone stuff, you get the picture). 3. Coach 2-3 riders at once. Stand in front and address each one as a unit and as a team. Do drills, change intensities and do it as teamwork. 4. Freedom - almost like you are leaving the room! Play a cool tune that gets them all zoned out and say nothing. Let them find their own personal rhythm. 5. One to one. Coach someone for more than 5 seconds. Stay with them for 1-3 minutes. Work on mechanics, drills and resistance leveling. It's a way to get to know your riders better. I even bet you will get to know yourself better!



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