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I'm Still Learning - From Other Instuctors

I love taking another instructors class. I learn so much from them. Yes, even as a Master Instructor for the Spinning® program, I can still learn from any instructor. Here is what I learned while taking other instructors classes: Explain everything every time. - I had to watch the instructor to understand their protocol and terminology that they used in order to follow the proper movement. Watch your cadence. ? As an instructor we need to make sure we pedal within the proper cadence parameters for each movement. This seems obvious be the last few instructors I took class from pedaled too fast for the movement they were coaching. Probably the adrenalin rush from teaching. Don?t talk over lyrics ? I know sometimes we need to but it is difficult to hear the instructors if their voice blends in with the lyrics. Explain your levels of intensity ? One instructor used numbers to indicate the level of intensity we should be at. For example, ?Pedal at 4.5?. I had no clue what that meant since the scale wasn?t described or posted anywhere in the class. Don?t talk too much ? We get upset when our students talk since it takes us out of our zone. Talking too much as an instructor has the same effect. Say what you need to say, be quiet, and allow your students time to absorb what you just said before you give them a new command. If you need to correct form or cadence consider getting off your bike rather than barking a command over the microphone. Know what you are talking about ? One instructor didn?t use the proper terminology for Anaerobic Threshold and incorrectly described a muscle during one of the stretches after class. Keep your instructions simple ? The more difficult a set of instructions are, the more students will just sit and stare at you until you perform that movement. Most of these are common sense, but it made me realize I can improve my coaching. Many of the items I need to improve are related to my verbal commands. I have to get out of the habit of using the jargon without explaining it every time. Have fun as a student for a change. There is no need to perform and you get to absorb everything. It will help your own coaching. blog by Ralph Mlady for 5/22/2011



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