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Meet Iain McKendry

It is a rare thing in life to meet someone who truly inspires you. Someone who makes you stop in your tracks and think about what you are doing with your life. I was fortunate enough to get to meet someone who did just that at this year’s World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning Conference.


A couple months back I received a phone call from one of our Customer Service reps. She was on the phone with a Certified Instructor and wanted to bring our attention to a special person whom she had taught. I had our rep give her my contact info so I could hear more about this person and the story. I figured if she took the time to call us and bring it to our attention, it was worth hearing about. And boy was that right. Robin Ryan was the amazing Instructor who led us to meet Janis McKendry and Iain McKendry.


Here is an excerpt from her email:


“My name is Robin Ryan and want to tell you about a friend of mine, Iain McKendry. Iain is a 19-year-old high school senior who I met when he started taking my Spinning® class about 2 1/2 years ago.  He has cerebral palsy. When Iain was younger the doctors never thought he would walk. He endured five surgeries and now proudly stands on his own 2 feet.

Iain has been passionate about Spinning from the very start and it his goal to become a certified instructor through Mad Dogg this summer.”


I mean wow! In this job, we often hear about amazing weight loss stories which are all very inspiring. But to hear that someone who doctors thought would never walk, rides and loves our program?! Wow, there are no words for that. Through the help of several MDA staff, we were able to get Iain (and Robin to assist) into the Orientation at the WSSC Conference. His mom, Janis also took it. She wanted to take to be able to help Iain if he needed any in the future. I exchanged several emails with both Robin and Janis leading up to the event. I was very excited to meet all of them at the event, especially Iain.


I got to meet them on a break from Orientation and got to spend more time with him as all 3 were being filmed. We had a film crew at the event and asked if they wouldn’t mind sharing Iain’s story! They gladly accepted, so we interviewed them on lunch. During this lunch break, I got to find out that Iain was a huge Josh Taylor fan. I knew that our amazing bike partners, Star Trac, had posters of Josh.


As I spoke with Iain, I was formulating a plan. I was able to catch Josh heading downstairs to meet Iain and snap a photo with him! Iain said it was the best day of his life. Little did he know, the day was about to get better. As I explained to Josh how we found out about Iain and shared a little bit of his story, Josh was touched by it. Since Josh was having his kick off Fighter Pilot ride that night, he invited Iain to take it and get to ride a special bike that belonged to Josh! Josh hooked it up for Iain! He signed a poster, signed a Fighter Pilot Jersey and made sure that Iain got to take his ride.



Iain was so excited to get to meet Josh, to get photos with him, for his autograph and to be invited to his ride. Iain has an incredible story and is truly an amazing person. I had to hold back to the tears when he was expressing his pure joy about the events of the day.


It was truly an honor to get to meet Iain and to help make some of his dreams come true! I am happy to announce that Iain (and Janis) are Certified Instructors!


Watch his story here:



Tell me you are not inspired by that!


Michaela Morales

Social Media and Community Manager




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