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Ooof, taking a break has repercussions!

It boggles my mind how quickly ?out of shape? one can get when you take a few days off. Or, maybe that?s just me? When I work out regularly six times a week, I find that am able to continue to work out with fervor, and do not ever feel that exhaustion that one might assume with regular work outs. However, last week when our facility was closed for five days, I took time off and returned on day six to work out. It was not the most easy and while I was not winded quickly, I found myself needing to take a quick water break in the midst of a 50 minute workout routine?when before I could continue to power through without taking a water break (I hydrate enormously before my workouts so I don?t worry as much about not drinking water during the entire workout?don?t worry too much about this). I have also found that when I take time off from lifting weights, my ability to lift my regular weight set goes down?even if the break is a tiny short one of just a few days. It?s incredible how continuous exercise (for me at least) staves off exhaustion and rather keeps me in better shape though I am constantly exhausting my muscles. So very interesting J -June



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