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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 5

Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 5

The Final Preparation has begun,2 and a half months for the Dream Race.


Good training, good rest and try to keep out of troubles generally.


Is this much that I asked? Yeah if you are living in Rodos island where in the summer


Its becoming crazy. Everyone having fun, tourists everywhere, amazing nightlife,


Amazing beaches etc. etc.

I told my self I would resist. No drinking, no night life, no crazy stuff …

Work, training and rest…I sacrificed too many things for this goal and I am almost there!


You don’t know how difficult is when you are working in the airport with no stable shifts and then day by day 2 hours standard in the gym for Spinning® sessions to find

Time for endurance training. Also when you are with another person you have to think and about her, and to spend some quality time together and also balance it with your friends time. For personal time I don’t speak cause simply this thing can not exist when you have all these.


So this summer of preparation was spent like this.
The Day offs from work I had 6-8 hours training, usually Tour of Rodos 180km.

Then a bit rest, probably Spinning® session and some time with friends or relationship.

The other days work, training, food and sleep. Very important here to add is that the days that I was finishing work at night I did my night cycling training so I was preparing my vision and body for night riding. My friends were going for a beer or a cocktail and I was going for cycling. How cool it sounds??

But when you have a goal you have to sacrifice things and every choice we make we know that has consequences and positives.
And if you want to watch from another angle simple thing that many people as much and as they want it they cannot even try. So the people that have the abilities and skills and now also the chance how can they abandon something like this!


So this summer was a really special part of my life.
It’s the time that you step out of your comfort zone and you say I will do it whatever!!!!

And you as the time passes you are getting closer and closer…
And things are becoming harder and harder…
But it’s the point that you say.<<I reached so far I won’t abandon>>

I cannot abandon.. Mind is over body …Mind is taking control then…
The time that you are seeking and your last piece of courage and Mental strength to fight one more day…


Until you are there…In front of your Dream….
One step to make it happen…
One touch to feel it…
So I was in August of 2011…After a long summer…The time for the Unachievable was there…Unachievable was there waiting for me to make it happen….

And the journey begun…Me along with other 30 Greeks going to conquer

The Story Continues ...
MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater





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