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Some answers on how I got so BIG! & How was week 2?

Last week I completed my second week of the 8WWL and I'm feeling awesome. I'm definitely looking leaner and my lungs and body feel strong. Being on the program has reminded me of the importance of consistency. When I came home from BL there were times that I would work out for up to 4 hours (2 grueling am/pm work outs) very punishing. I thought that this was the way for me but actually it ended up being my down fall. Often times I skipped the next day at the gym and sometimes the skipping went on for a few days. The thought was, "I killed myself the other day so I'm good for a while". I also found that not only was I relying on this past work out as a pass I was also procrastinating big time. The thought of going back again for another "torture session" was not very motivating and so I would put it off. Also consider the fact that during these extended breaks my nutrition was lousy, its not hard to understand how the weight crept right back on. Nowadays I focus on stringing together consecutive days of exercise one after the other and I'm happiest when I hit 6 in a row. That 7th day of rest feels so good and the feeling of accomplishment allows me to enjoy it because I deserve it! And I'm not saying that my dailys are easy, they are crisp workouts 45 minute rides and some outdoor runs. Good quality cardio doesn't have to be an all day, 2 parter. Completing an effective exercise routine today is important, but the key question is, what are you doing tomorrow? Realizing this and living my life with consistency in mind has made healthy living manageable. The procrastination is pretty much in check (never perfect but I am aware of the triggers now). Additionally, attending Spinning classes has been the driving force on keeping me on routine. And that's based on one fact, I love it! After BL people would say, "do you love exercise?" and I'd lie and say, "oh yea, I love it!".....liar! While its true over time, I grew to love aspects of exercise like the beginning sweat after 10 mins of a cardio, the endorphin release, or even the awesome feeling of accomplishment we get after completing a workout. Spinning classes finally made me an honest man, I love a great Spin class from beginning to end and therefore, yes I do love exercise. I'm going to sound like a corn ball but both of my spin classes in the last 2 days I had to hold back grinning....I plan on being an instructor at this club and I don't want it getting out that I'm insane, lol! For me being introduced to this weight loss program that values a lifetime of health based on Spinning was the perfect fit. Last week I was able to apply on a consistent basis (our theme it seems) both healthy habits: Eating a healthy Breakfast daily and dropping the snacks after dinner. The key here for me was getting up earlier and having some good choices available. I was enjoying fresh fruit over greek yogurt with a sprinkle of granola. The early rise made it easier to hit the sack earlier and therefore reduced the time that I might have snacked in the evening. I also fairly recently dropped snacking while watching TV, that awful habit is another huge contributor to my rise above 400lbs. So if the last couple of hours of my night include some TV I'm good since the snacks no longer go hand and hand with this activity. This was a really tough habit to break but a very important one for me to conquer. Lots to chat about next week especially re cutting out alcohol. Drinks, they played an even bigger role on my weight gain....both times! Stay tuned..... I hope my blogging has been as beneficial to all of you as it has been for me. Putting my thoughts to words here has become another form of exercise I truly look forward to. Thanks!



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