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The Body Really Does Follow The Mind

Every time I clip in I repeat this phrase to myself: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  - Napoleon Hill


In this, my last blog post, I’d like to leave you with a summary of my mental training principles:


Belief - your mindset is critical to your success. Your belief in yourself and your supportive daily actions define and determine the outcome of your training. Conduct each training session “as if” you were performing in the same way as your mentor; reinforce your performance with positive thinking.


Commitment - establish clearly defined goals which reflect the quality of what you are capable of, and which respect your personal needs for rest and recovery. Review them at the beginning of each day and each training session.


Focus - maintaining attention in the current moment by exploring in detail the quality of each movement intensifies the training process and assists with controlling unproductive thoughts and actions.


Vision - consistently imagining success before each practice session, each performance and each day allows you to achieve what you have mentally conceived.


Centering - turning attention inward, and “training inside” allows you to perform at your best while effortlessly eliminating distraction.


Intuition - expanded awareness and attention to detail cultivates intuitiveness and allows for smart training. As you develop your ability to be responsive rather than reactive, you are able to eliminate training errors.


Relaxation - the greatest strength lies in yielding. Learning to soften your approach to training and performance develops flexibility, fluidity, suppleness and grace. All of which promote optimal performance.


Reflection - Silent, still moments of reflection allow you to contemplate your perceptions of your training and make adjustments that ensure your progress. 


Life is short - enjoy the ride! 




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