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The Go-To Profile!!

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises creep into our lives in such a way that they disrupt our normal routine. I recently had one such experience. I was travelling from Chicago to Cleveland after a weekend of conducting a couple of continuing education classes and an orientation. I got to the airport in plenty of time and checked the monitor. There it was in big bold red letters CANCELLED. My flight had been cancelled due to the weather that hit Minnesota and Missouri. I waited in line and made other arrangements to get home the next day. I thought to myself, ?No problem. I?ll be home in time to get my gear together to teach my Monday night Spinning® class.? Oh was I wrong. The flight was full from Chicago and I had a layover to contend with. About halfway through the boarding, the gate attendant announces that all carryon roller luggage and duffel bags will have to be checked as baggage through to our final destinations. Again, I thought to myself no problem. In fact, I didn?t mind not having to schlep a second bag through the airport on my layover. Well, my bag never made it to Cleveland. I had my cycling shoes, heart rate monitors and a lot of my cycling clothing in that bag. I filed my claim at baggage services then started to panic. I had less than an hour to get home, find my spare shoes, pack a bag and get to the studio due to the flight delays and baggage issues I encountered. Did I mention that my profile for the ride was also in the bag? Well, I was lucky that I had my MP3 player with one of my favorite playlists on it. I also had the profile for the ride at home so I threw it together and headed out. I arrived 3 minutes before class began ? who needs to warm-up when your heart is already pounding? I started class on time and was happy that I had my go-to profile ready for the class. I?ve used that profile many times before. It is my go-to profile for just these cases when everything else seems to go crazy. I am glad I have a profile that I am familiar with and use it for those emergency situations when I?m rushed or asked to sub on a whim. Knowing I have a hot spare profile calmed my nerves and I delivered a great class. You know your class appreciates it when they applaud your efforts. I love it when a plan comes together!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 05/25/2011



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