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Tour de Donut


 Donuts!  Why do we eat donuts?

Ok, why do cyclists eat so many donuts when they ride?  When I moved to Houston my first group ride was the official Tour de Donut from Katy Texas.  Just 28 miles with tons of rest stops stocked with donuts! “For each tasty donut consumed, the rider is awarded a tempting
5-minute time credit.  Eat enough delicious donuts, and you can finish the race before you even started!”  REALLY?  Perhaps the Texas heat had caused some temporary derangement to these people? 

Then I discovered these crazy Texans are not alone!

The lovely town of Arcanum Ohio hosts its annual “Tour de Donut, the Sweetest Ride in Ohio” every year and
draws over 900 riders from surrounding states!  Time credit is given for every donut consumed along the way!

The OBS Donut ride in Oklahoma City is a weekly event.  Yes, they eat donuts every Saturday, with the ride sheet referring to the “calories in calories out” route!

Even corporate America is getting in on the donut fix!  The St. Louis-based Boeing Employees’ Bicycle Club brags about the 6000 glazed donuts consumed each year on their donut ride!

Our friends up North are not above the consumption. Toronto hosts their weekly donut ride with 100+ riders each Sat. and has been meeting at the same donut shop for 37 years! (Although it’s now the Great Canadian Bagel)

 So why do cyclists like to schedule their rides around donuts and donut shops?  (There’s a cop joke in here somewhere!)

1) They are round and look like our wheel sets?

2) We like to compare our caloric expenditure to those riding the Tour and think we need the extra fuel to perform at peak performance?

3) We need an excuse to consume something we would never be caught dead eating in front of others!

Whatever this crazy connection is between riding a bike and eating donuts we may never know!  But after about 30 miles, I must admit, there is nothing better than a little hot coffee and a blueberry donut with the sugar
glaze on top! 

Ps:  a blueberry donut is 340 calories, 17 grams
of fat and 21 grams of sugar!  Enjoy!

What’s your favorite ride indulgent?





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