Master Instructor Team - Middle East


Ronnie Yoffe

A Master Instructor for Spinning program, teacher and consultant at the Physical Education and Special Fitness Program School of Israel, ballet dancer, Pilates Instructor and off-road cyclist, Ronnie is a certified fitness instructor through the Kenneth Cooper Institute and AFAA. She also holds certificates from the UCLA Kinesiology program and the Wingate institute Physical Education School.

Ronnie is one of the leading fitness instructors in Israel and is currently involved in consulting for local companies and publishes articles for local magazines.

Saudi Arabia

Salome Mareque-Faez

Salome has a Bachelor's Degree in education and communications, and another in sport-physiotherapy. She is an ISSA Group Fitness Trainer, Youth Trainer and Sport Nutritionist. She joined the Spinning program in 1999 and is certified, amongst others, in Peak Pilates, Body Balance, and BodyPump. She is the Co-Founder and Manager of KINETICO a ladies center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Salome is also the creator and program director of the Fitopia Academy, a youth dance program in Riyadh.

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