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An Afternoon of Volunteering

Volunteer. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, volunteer means: "a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task; a person who works for an organization without being paid." This past Friday, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of Venice!


This volunteer day for the Mad Dogg Athletics staff, has been a long time coming. I worked with our COO, Rick Wallace and the Boys and Girls club for several months before this day finally came to fruition. We had the pleasure of partaking in a beach day activity with students during their summer camp at Boys and Girls Club of Venice. I personally, donate my time whenever I can to different organizations, so it was great to get out with my co-workers and get to do so.


There were 31 kids with 16 of us staff members! That sure is a lot of kids! There was volleyball, flag football, frisbee and a quick soccer game. This all took place at the beautiful Santa Monica Beach just near the pier. Since it was the first official day of Summer, I think it was a great way to kickstart it! When we first got to the beach, we broke up into those different activities. I am not a very athletic person, I used to dance when I was younger so my sports skills are pretty limited. I chose to be apart of the frisbee group, although only a few kids decided to join us.


We brought our product, Bodyblade® to the group with us! The kids were eager to check out the blades, and one mentioned that his mom could use this for her physical therapy. The kids enjoyed checking out the blade and trying something new! Then we got down to the frisbee game? Throwing? Whatever it was! Like I said, I am not very good at sports, so whenever the frisbee came to me it was a sight to see. Everyone kept throwing the frisbee to me since I was so bad, I was pretty much the entertainment of the group. I would give a general area that I was going to throw it to and most of the times I missed completely. Oh well, it was meant to be a fun day! Which is was. The point of the day wasn't meant to be the best of the sport/activity that you were playing. It was to meet some great kids and give back to them however we can, which in this instance was our time. Since our group was so small, I really got to talk and interact with the kids. That's what the day was about, for me anyways. Getting to interact with some kids who maybe don't get to interact all the time with others.


I also got to pop around and see the other groups. The soccer game ended pretty quickly, so they joined other groups. The flag football game looked intense and some people covered in sand! The volleyball seemed fun, with several employees diving for the ball! It was nice to get outside of the office for a few hours and volunteer. Although it was only a few hours spent with the kids, I hope that we made a small impact on them. Even it was just for the day!





Overall, it was a great day for all parties involved. I am very happy that we got to meet the amazing kids of the Boys and Girls Club of Venice and volunteer our time! What better way to start summer than playing at the beach and doing some good. I can't think of anything better and more rewarding. I hope this is the first of many volunteer days for the Mad Dogg staff!


Our fun frisbee group!


Do you volunteer? With what organizations? Leave a comment below to share your story!



Here is the whole group!


Michaela Morales

Community Coordinator




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