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ECA NYC never a dull moment!

Well, it is better late than never I suppose (although if you know me, you know that I HATE TO BE LATE...and AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS).  This time I couldn't avoid it, and the last week or so has been a wonderful (?) time for me to practice "going with the flow" and being "ok" with whatever is happening that I can't control.  (Ok, now most of you who know me are laughing, because you know how much I HATE not having control).

The weekend started for me totally non-stressed because I had come in the day before to visit family (NY is "home" to me, even though I live in FL).   I had the pleasure of having a lot of my own students, and friends from my old job in NY take my workshops, so this conference was very special to me.

 Friday was an amazing day during which I team-taught Tore Up from the Floor Up with my talented colleagues, Zoey Trap, Kathryn Coyle, Abbie Appel, and Jodi Sussner.  This workshop totally rocked (and imagine the energy with the 5 of us in the same room teaching what we are passionate about...is there anything louder than 5 fitness instructors teaching over 50 people AT THE SAME TIME?  I think not.) 

That day I also taught Pilates Interval Circuit, combining like movements on the reformer and chair with partners switching between apparatus. The next workshop that day was the same concept only using the Pilatesstick and the Tower.  These workshops were designed to show teachers and studio owners how to double their group class space availability/participation, and to highlight how the different apparatus(es?) complement each other.

That night the Peak Pilates girls (me, Zoey, Kathryn and Jodi) walked to dinner in the blizzard and I was reminded of why I actually moved to Florida. The company and food was amazing... Snow I could do without.

Saturday was even better as I co-taught a Peak Pilates Shapes in Space workshop called 3-Ring Circus (a better, much more "pilates" name is pending, I promise).  This workshop was intended to help participants compare the different pilates body positions on different pieces of equipment in order to better understand each position. Very cool to watch the understanding dawn in the students! Thank you to Zoey and Kathryn for the amazing collaborative effort it took to get this workshop written!

Sunday I broke my foot (seriously) right before the first session.  Take my advice...it is not smart to be rushing back from the rest room to take your turn to teach while wearing wide-leg yoga pants that are too long/big for you...In bare feet (of course).  Trip, land on the side of your foot with all your weight because your core is so strong you don't actually fall and distribute said weight to sturdier bones than the 5th and 4th metatarsals...and you have a broken foot.  

Thankfully, Aleve and wrapping/icing/elevating the foot helped me get through my last workshop "Finding Symmetry with the Foam Roller" or better known as Pilates on a Roll.  The room was jammed with people on rollers discovering that they had "smart" sides and "dumb" sides and how to work with them.  Thank you to Jodi for being my "body". You can see her picture in Arabesque 2 below.

A big thank you to my co-teachers (and good friends) Kathryn, Zoey and Jodi for covering for me.  And to Ben and Natalie for all their help in logistics after my flight was cancelled (yes, add insult to injury) and for finding, evidently, the last cane in NYC so I could hobble to the airport.  A big thanks to the ECA crew for being so wonderful and caring!

So, if you didn't get to this conference...see all the excitement you missed?  (and that's not the half of it! :))))




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