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Looking Back at 2012

"Looking Back at 2012"

What a year…

It started in March with our International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool, UK. The memory of this Event that will stay with me forever, is our Finale Team Ride. This year it was the UK & Ireland Team’s male MI’s to lead. The theme was ‘70’s Mojo’. What a massive effort everyone made to dress up! The photos were so colourful and the atmosphere drew many people into the riding room to see what was happening!

In June, I was selected to present again at WSSC. What I will take with me from this Event is giving up my bike on the MI Team Ride to a very special lady. Back in 2011, I left teaching at a facility because I was the only Spinning® Certified Instructor, battling against other Indoor Cycling Certified Instructors. I also left thinking I hadn't made any difference. But I was wrong. This lady who missed my Classes and disliked the others so much, went on to become Spinning® Certified. This year she attended WSSC for the first time, so it seemed fitting that as I had started her Spinning® Journey, she should experience the thrill of riding with the Masters! We both cried but they were happy tears.

Throughout the early Autumn I presented at our infamous Fitness Fiesta Events and the Big One South. Always lots of energy and fun. It’s just about riding and having fun at these Events, oh and parting hard. You most certainly need a rest after these Events!

For the last 12 months, I’ve been teaching TeenSpin® for the boys at a Royal Grammar School. They love the Classes however in particular one boy has hugely benefited. Disliking all other sports and games at the school, being quite overweight and lacking in confidence, he came along with a somewhat poor attitude too. After the first Class he was hooked!  Attending consistently twice a week he’s lost weight and his whole personality has changed for the better. I had a lovely email from his parents, thanking me for the ‘new son’ they now have!

In December, I presented at the Spinning® for Serious Request in the Netherlands. Riding for 12 hours, €27,120.99 was raised. I was very honoured to be a part of what is a huge Charity that the whole Country gets involved in. The commitment and determination was astounding.

Finally, a lovely middle aged lady who started my Classes at the beginning of 2012, had set herself a New Year Resolution to lose weight. To date she has lost over 42 lbs (19 kgs). For years she has tried and sometimes succeeded to lose weight but it always crept back on. Plus having never found an exercise activity she could stick to, coming along to a Spinning® Class was a last ditch effort. 

As I always say to people, you've got to enjoy your exercise, otherwise you'll never stick to it!

So what a year…I wonder what 2013 will bring?

I would love to hear what memories you have from your Spinning®, whether as an Instructor or Enthusiast from 2012.

Michelle Colvin – International Spinning® Master Instructor (UK)





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