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Never Stop Learning!

Never stop learning!

Working in the fitness industry is so much fun!  Even after fifteen years of teaching, I am always so amazed and excited about the constant improvements and research that comes out on the human body and how we perform! 

I am currently reading Chris Carmichael’s book “The Time Crunched Cyclist” for the second time!  This book is packed with easy to understand explanations of the energy systems and how they work. 

I also have a book on my desk by Maggie Hunts called “It’s a Sweet Life….Now, A guide to living well and happy with Diabetes”  I don’t have diabetes, but many of my participants do, so I want to make sure the classes I deliver give the right options for their training.  I think it is important to understand these common types of diseases so we have a basic knowledge of them to help people succeed in their training.

Club Industry Magazine updates me on what other fitness facilities are doing to succeed.  A couple times a
year my department goes on field trips to visit other Clubs and share with them what makes each of us successful in different ways.

Do you belong to a national fitness association?  AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) or ACE (American Council on Exercise) or ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) all publish great articles and news letters on the latest information in our industry.  These are MUST READS for anyone looking to further their careers.

I was in my favorite yoga class yesterday where my
instructor just got back from Mexico on an “Aerial Yoga Workshop” Guess what!  I have two new stretches to use
after my Spin class!  Her newly found balance stretch is now being shared with my Spin class and everyone benefits!  Learning, sharing and expanding our minds as
fitness professionals is a great career!  I hope to see you all in a workshop or class one day soon to share and
learn from each other!  All the best!





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