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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 7

And it’s the Day and the time…

August 21th at 17.00
Its time to bring whatever you got and you were preparing so long.
Now or Never…
Time to live the Dream…Time to achieve the unachievable…
The first 500 cyclists are there to pursue their dream!
28 degrees Celsius and for some is really too hot!
But for Greek people it is normal. People from UK, Germany, Scandinavian countries have really big problem.
Me and my best friend Kostas are there .Ready and prepared for everything.
And the race begins…Everyone is rushing like it’s a regular race…But it is not!!
No one wants to lose the first group!
And many will fall to the trap of overestimating their powers and over exhaust themselves.

After 90km Kostas is starting to feel fatigued and I am falling back with him because I promised myself that we will do it together. The first ones are leaving.

We are regrouping with other cyclists until it comes the time after 150km that I felt an incredible pain in my stomache that forced me to stop for a while.

Then my powers are starting to abandon me.I feel wicker wicker and I am only in the first 200km.Every 5-10 minutes I was stopping and resting on the grass and I didn’t

Want to continue. Kostas was there to assist me and stand by me.
The only thing that kept me going is that I saw the video from last race and a cyclist that had the same problem visited a doctor in one of the Check Points and helped him to recover. So all my efforts for the first check in. I really was cycling with ridiculous speeds like 10 -15 km/h and when it was for a climb I was really struggling to death!

Most of the people and Greeks overpassed me until the first Check point!But Kostas was there.

When I finally reached the first Check Point it was like reaching an Oasis in the desert. Straight to the first aid to take care of me.Kostas was anxious if I continue or not.And the miracle happened.An ordinary thing for the doctor and extraoridinary thing for me.One simple pill and take care what I will eat for next few hours.

And that was it all. In one hour I regained all my powers and we were heading for second Check Point.Time was 01.00 at midnight and for me it was like I starting again!Kostas was drafting behind me and I was hiting speeds like 45-50km/h.

Trying to regain the loss.After this first adventure I couldn’t believe that I was again on the run and trying for my dream.
I thought my story was ending with this unbelievable stomache pain!
But if you want it and you believe it mind can push your body to unbelievable things!

I was there fighting and enjoying these unique moments with my buddy and so many other people.

Until next Check point we passed over 70 cyclists that couldn’t follow us.

Kostas as I mentioned in previous Blogs wasn’t so strong like me so I had him drafting to spent as less strength as he could.

And the Kilometers were passing and passing…
The Plan was simple.Do the first 730km without stop and then sleep 3-4 hours and back again to the road.But plans some time never work.

Until 400km we found all the Greek team and with some of them we grouped together and heading to the big Check point in Brest 610 so there everyone could decide his next move.

For many people Brest is the point the rest for other people the decision is to cover and the mountain after Brest and then recover in Carhaix that is a crucial point.
That’s the risk for good cyclist.Kostas and I had decided to take our risk and try to travel sleepless until back to Carhaix!

Hopefully I reached first of the team in Brest and waiting for the team to regroup and see what was the plans. Feeling so powerful and happy that I had completed 620km
in a really good time even as I had my stomache troubles.

But the things was more complicated than I had in my mind…
Life had a surprise for me after just starting heading to Carhaix with most of my Greek friends.

It was afternoon almost 19.00-20.00 o clock  that we started and we thought we could  
be to Carhaix around 00.00-01.00 so we could rest and sleep.

But again another adventure was waiting me after 10 first kilometers.
My shift gears started not to work until my shifts jammed and my bike suddenly stopped.I couldn’t believe this.First time in my cycling carreer that I was facing such a problem.In the middle of nowhere .
The other guys told me that I should return to Brest check point and see if I could fix my bike in the Maintenance place. Also the weather was changing and small drops of rain started to greet us.


Yes that was my luck…
Everyone was leaving except Kostas..Kostas parked his bike and told me If you stop I also stop.I was telling him to follow the other guys and I would find him after even I knew that I would mostly abandon.But he kept saying to me we will started together we finigh together. We are one!!!! I couldn’t stop after this.I couldn’t take responsibility and for my best friends dream so I decided to return toi check point to see what they could do…

Kostas final words were <<I will be here for you as long it takes for you…>>

And the story continues in next weeks Blog…..

MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater




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