Master Instructor Team - North & South America



Carmen Diges

Carmen has over 20 years of dance training and has also been a fitness professional for many years, teaching Spinning as well as Pilates and yoga. She is a personal trainer and holistic coach through PinstripeMystic Life Training Systems, which she founded on the four balancing elements of body, mind, spirit and cash. She specializes in teaching high-performance professionals to achieve balance through a variety of prisms of their beings.

Carmen is also a competitive road cyclist and has raced throughout Canada and parts of the United States.

Sarah Ness

Sarah is an American Council on Exercise and CAN FIT PRO personal trainer and instructs in a number of clubs in the Toronto area. She holds a degree in computer technology and has traveled extensively providing technical support and training to customers worldwide. Sarah enjoys both road and mountain biking around her home in the hills of Uxbridge, north of Toronto, and she is also an avid runner and skier and general fitness enthusiast.

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